Booking Rules and Regulations

  1. Arya hotels Group website is designed for booking in hotels and other accommodation centers. By making booking via Arya Hotels Group, a legal contract is bound between you and the hotel in which you have booked a room; a contract in which Arya hotels Group acts as a mere medium. In fact, Arya hotels Group sends your booking info to the hotel and in return, sends you the hotel confirmation E-mail on their behalf.
  2. Any kind of misapplication of the hotel booking facilities which are put on Arya hotels Group is forbidden and the user will face the consequences of such violations. In case the violator is identified, punishments such as termination of access to information will follow. It is also noteworthy that in case of financial losses imposed on others, the violator will be held responsible and they will be dealt with according to the rules and regulations.
  3. The information about Iranian hotels available on this website is taken from the hotels themselves. This information includes updated list of charges, facilities, availability of rooms, etc. the hotels themselves are responsible for their accuracy. Though Arya hotels Group tries its best to provide data in the best up-to-date form, it cannot approve or deny its credibility, as it is possible that the data may be changed or that it might have been inaccurately transferred to Arya Hotels Group.
  4. The prices offered on Arya hotels Group are the sums each user needs to pay in return for the overall stay in one room; except for cases in which there are some specific items mentioned as well. Also, the prices shown for payment are in Rials.
  5. To book, users can search, look into, and read about the hotels. They can also get help from Arya Hotels Group support team and ask for additional info about customer data. This helps the travelers make the best choice according to their needs. However, the final call is always made by the users themselves.
  6. The booking process includes booking the room and that is all. Transportation, parking space, renting cars, etc. are not included; apart from the things that are specifically mentioned in the contract.
  7. You may get disconnected when making the online payment. This problem will be solved by the bank. If the sum is reduced from your account, the bank will transfer it back and Arya hotels Group may not be held responsible for it. Though, according to the pledges it has made, there will be some follow-up actions.
  8. Arya hotels Group is only in charge of booking process and it won\t be held responsible for the quality of the service offered by the hotels.
  9. The personal information inserted by users must be correct and accurate and should match with the number of passengers, their age and the names inscribed on their passports. Arya hotels Group is not responsible in case of any inaccuracy and incompatibility in the given information.
  10. If the travelers have special demands from the hotel, Arya hotels Group can notify the hotel about these issues in booking process. Though, the final decision about meeting these needs depends on the hotel and not Arya Hotels Group.
  11. All charges for services not mentioned in the contract should be covered by the traveler and directly paid to the hotel. These services may include a wide range of things such as the internet, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, food and drinks offered in the hotel lounge or the room\s minibar.
  12. Confirming the booking by users ensures confirming the cancellation regulations as well. You can find these rules and regulations in the hotel info section, the booking part, and the verification E-mail. Also, it is probable that the users may have to pay fines in case of cancelling. So, we strongly recommend that you carefully read all details mentioned in the contract.
  13. If a passenger cancels a contract, repayment can only be made through the account number or bank card entered by themselves, and even though we attempt to quicken this process, under certain circumstances, it may take a week.
  14. Check-in and checkout hours are mentioned in the hotel booking and the confirmation E-mail and the guests need to follow these timing rules. In case of any mistakes or violation of the timing arrangements, Arya hotels Group cannot be held responsible and the travelers themselves should face the consequences.
  15. During the peak periods of the year cancellation is NOT possible.

User Privacy Policy

All websites selling services and goods online use cookies for offering efficient service to users and Arya hotels Group allows the same rule. Cookies make it possible for us to figure out what our users like most. Basically, all online shopping websites are organized in accordance with user interests so that they may offer what they like. Also, using cookies saves you the trouble of entering data twice. If you\re not interested in using cookies, you can adjust your browser settings so that you may never receive them. Although it is worthy to mention that in that case, you may miss out on a portion of Arya Hotels Group services.