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The Best Hotels of Iran in Arya Hotels Group

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Arya Hotels Group Hosts a lot of Iranian and Foreign Passengers Every Year!

As the owner of ten excellent hotels in tourism hubs of Iran with more than 3000 beds, Arya Hotels Corporation hosts and serves more than one million Iranian and foreign passengers every year. Relying on its more than twenty royal restaurants and auditoriums, an experienced staff and luxury amenities, Arya Hotels Corporation holds thousands celebrations, seminars and gatherings every year. Moreover, its gym and recreational complexes including swimming pools and saunas serve their members very deservedly every day.

Hotels of "Arya Hotels Corporation"

• Kish's Shaygan Hotel

• Noor’s Narenjestan Hotel

• Shiraz’s Pars International Hotel

• Isfahan’s Aseman Hotel

• Arak’s Amir Kabir Hotel

• Rasht’s Kadus Hotel

• Tabriz International Hotel

• Yazd’s Moshir Garden Hotel

• Qom International Hotel

• Bandar Abbas Hormoz Hotel

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Members of Board of Directors and CEO of Arya Hotels Group

Mohsen Aghayan


Mr. Seyed Mohsen Aghaiyan is the Arya Hotels Group BD Member. Innovation, creativity, developing sustainable communications based on ethics and mutual respect are among his management traits.

Mohsen Gharib

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Mohsen Gharib is the BD chairman of Arya Hotels Group. He is also CEO of Travel and Tourism Company , Secretary General of Kish’s Investors and Entrepreneurs. He has worked for twenty years in tourism field.

Karim Beigi

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Karim Beigi is an Arya Hotels Group BD Member. He is CEO and one of owners of Isfahan Aseman Hotel and also Isfahan Setareh Hotel. Currently he is busy with constructing the new five-star branch of hotel Aseman in Kish Island. His other responsibilities are working as the BD member of Isfahan Tourism Assembly, treasurer and member of Isfahan Province Diya Staff, CEO of Sediqeh Tahere Charity, BD member of Imam Hussein (AS) Charity, BD member of Isfahan Province Thalassemia Forum.

Asghar Nabil

Member of the Board

Mr. Asghar Nabil is the BD member of Arya Hotels Group. He is also CEO of Yazd’s Moshir Company, Yazd’s Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel, Owner of Taft’s Sadri Garden and Yazd’s Dowlatabad Garden, BD member of Yazd Hotel owners’ Society, chairman of Tourism workgroup of Yazd Province Entrepreneurs Center, Judiciary official expert in tourism affairs.